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About Pampas Outlet


Hi, my name is Irene! Pampas Outlet is a local business, and located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It is a home-based floral boutique that offers a wide range of wedding bouquets, pampas, and dried flowers. My passion for floral arrangements has enabled us to provide the best services and products to our clients.


We believe that every client deserves the best, and that is why we are dedicated to ensuring that every bouquet and flower arrangement is unique and tailored to your preferences.


Our Expertise

At Pampas Outlet,  I am committed to creating breathtaking arrangements that will exceed your expectations. I ensure that every detail is taken care of and that your floral arrangements match the theme of your event. I understand that every event is unique, and that is why we offer customized services to meet your specific needs and preferences.

We offer shipping within Canada and US and local pick at Edmonton, AB.

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